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About BeyondReview

BeyondReview (formerly DW Legal) is a proven and experienced leader in providing best of breed discovery document review solutions to our corporate and law firm clients.  We offer the highest quality expertise, methodology and technical knowledge to enable our clients to effectively respond to e-Discovery challenges and create a defensible discovery review process.  From our deep roster of attorneys and project managers to our subject matter and technology experts, we have a demonstrated track record of delivering world class work product on projects with teams ranging from handfuls to hundreds.  Our collection of experts come from a legal background, understand the stakes involved, and share our clients’ sense of urgency.  Our focus is on smart, honest, and thoughtful solutions delivered with legendary client service.

DW Legal History

Once the Legal division of Donovan & Watkins, DW Legal became an LLC and affiliated division of The Willis Group in 2011 to concentrate on document review services while evolving related capabilities and complementary offerings. DW Legal rapidly matured into a tier 1 player with not only document review capabilities proven on the largest, most complex managed document reviews in history but also a set of consulting services and point solutions which targeted the immense discovery related exposure faced by corporations today. DW Legal actively grew its expert talent base, deepening its competencies and expanded and enhanced its existing set of capabilities. The firm’s existing offerings included Managed Review, Litigation Readiness, E-discovery Consulting, and Records Management as well as Legal staffing and recruiting services which were second to none.

Due to the resource intensive nature of managed document review services, DW Legal emerged from staffing and recruiting as had numerous others in the space. While many of these firms with staffing roots seemed to disown a past they fear might create a perceived lack of sophistication, DW Legal believed that their roots in legal staffing and recruiting were a tremendous asset. The competencies and relationships developed early on which propelled their success and afforded them the ability to rapidly and effectively staff what could be considered the largest matter of its kind in history. With a sustained peak utilization of nearly 800 contract attorneys in reviewer, team lead, and project manager roles, the scalability and sheer volume of resources required by the project would not have been possible without a world-class recruiting and retention capability.

With the exponential growth and proliferation of data across widely dispersed storage infrastructure, laptops, and a sea of mobile devices, the increasing threat has departed its once rapid, but linear, growth trajectory. As this trend continued, DW Legal’s experts and recognized authorities on legal, e-discovery, data privacy, record management, and technology were actively engaged in developing new ways of thinking about and minimizing these risks.

A range of new technologies and methodologies have been applied with success to data collection, culling, and review and have received widespread acceptance in one form or another. Ultimately, the focus and energy currently more dispersed across the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model – www.edrm.net) lifecycle as a whole will become further concentrated on Information Governance and Litigation Readiness as the most effective levers in minimizing exposure. DW Legal team’s knowledge and experience surrounding these pre-matter variables offered benefits to their clients and DW Legal continued to explore and focus its energy and resources on migrating its capabilities further upstream in the information lifecycle.

Providing the reliable resources and expert talent for cost effective e-discovery project management and document review solutions, DW Legal staffed projects ranging from small investigations to some of the largest litigation cases in US history. DW Legal truly was known as having effective response to large-scale disasters, government investigations, event-driven litigation, and disproportionate discovery obligations. Equally as important was DW Legal’s ability to work with clients in a proactive mode, where their team exceled in preparing clients to minimize risk and impact while maximizing legal readiness in the event of catastrophic litigation.